the best nails for Brides - 2019 Edition

While extravagant ball gowns and embellished details reigned supreme in previous years, 2019 is the year of classic elegance and sophistication. Possibly taking a nod to the recent royal weddings, trends this year are focusing on impeccable tailoring and timeless glamour. 

Brides this year are swapping acrylics for more natural styles. Nails are kept moderate to short in length and neutral in tone, with the rounded shape showing up again and again. Keeping the hair, makeup, and nails simple and chic lets the dress bask in the spotlight. 

If you are going with a more simple gown then adding a little sparkle to the nails while still keeping with the neutral theme is a great option.

There are a few options to consider when going for your wedding manicure. The first (and my favorite) is going for a gel manicure. These last longer than the traditional manicure meaning it’ll make it well through the honeymoon! It also adds strength while keeping a natural look to the nails without being too thick. 

CND’s new bridal collection fits perfectly with this year’s trends.

Another great option is Essie’s Gel Couture collection. It’s a traditional nail polish with added wear time and easy removal compared to true gel manicures.  

Neutral shades have the added benefit of making nails and fingers look longer and more slender in photographs. They also help the sparkle of your rings pop!

Let your natural beauty and confidence radiate and your wedding photographs will look ageless and effortless for years to come.

Photo Harper's Bazaar