4 Alternative bouquets for the DIY Bride

Whether you're a natural born DIYer or you just like to be different, alternative bouquets can be the perfect keepsake from your wedding that flowers can't. We compiled our favorite alternative bouquets that can be purchased on etsy.  For all you crafty ladies use the inspiration to make them yourself!


There are infinite possibilities to express yourself if you choose a paper bouquet. Comic books, sheet music, maps, books, script pages... if you can think of it, it can be done.

Vintage Book Bouquet   

Comic Book Bouquet   

Sheet Music Bouquet   


Feathers have been used to adorn items for as long as humans have existed.  Adorn yourself with an entire bouquet of them.

Pink & Burgundy Feather Bouquet   

Champagne Feather Bouquet   

Navy Feather Bouquet   


Brooch bouquets add sparkle and vintage glam to your wedding day.  Use them to provide a splash of color to your dress.

Champagne Brooch Bouquet   

Crystal Brooch Bouquet   

Rose Gold Brooch Bouquet     


For the knitting ninjas, there are crochet bouquets.  Yarn Bouquets make a perfect accent for a country or boho wedding.

White Yarn Bouquet  

Purple Yarn Bouquet   

Pink Yarn Bouquet