Top 10 Things Brides Forget on Their Wedding Day

You’re finally at the finish line! Everything is booked and finalized, every detail is organized, the DIY’s are over and you finally get to enjoy all your hard work. With the lack of sleep and dizzying agenda, most brides forget what they will need on the actual day. Write down these most missed items to avoid any day-of blunders!

1. The rings! Put them in your bag and hang onto them personally until you’re ready to walk down the aisle, then designate them to the right people.

2. Your wedding jewelry and accessories. So much thought is put into the dress and shoes that brides often leave behind their undergarments and accessories.

3. Your marriage license and wallets. No license, no wedding.

4. Payments and tips for your vendors. Designate them into envelopes ahead of time and have someone from your party hand them out when the time comes.

5. Snacks. Chances are you’ll be busy floating around your reception and you might not have much time to eat all day. Protein bars, nuts, and dried fruits make for a great pick-me-up.

6. A toiletry bag with medications like Tylenol, deodorant, hand sanitizer, tampons, mints, makeup, a battery pack for your phone, safety pins, bobby pins, tissues, and bandaids.

7. Waterproof eye makeup and extra lash glue. Trust us, this one is a must.

8. Comfy shoes to change into. White converse are perfect for when your feet can’t bear those heels any longer.

9. Drink water! Avoid low blood pressure and a hangover by drinking any chance you get.

10. Take it all in and go with the flow. Remember what this day is truly about, a positive attitude will make or break your day.

You got this girl! Get some beauty rest, you’ve earned it.